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    • Professional

      Newcastle Speech Pathology has been established by Alison McDonald, a Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist with 20 years experience working with children and adults.

    • Experienced

      At Newcastle Speech Pathology, we are passionate about helping people reach their potential in speech, language and literacy.

    • Personal

      Newcastle Speech Pathology is a small Speech Pathology practice which aims to provide the highest quality personalised service in the Newcastle Area.

  • Questions

    • How much does it cost to see a Speech Pathologist?

      Newcastle Speech Pathology is committed to keeping services accessible. We are registered providers with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), panel providers under the Better Start initiative and Helping Chil…

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    • Why choose Newcastle Speech Pathology?

      Newcastle Speech Pathology offers a personalised, professional service. We are family focused, working with clients to set meaningful, achievable goals which fit with family life. Alison is committed to providing the lat…

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    • What age groups do you work with?

      The short answer is 'all ages'. Communication is a skill we develop from birth throughout our lifespan. Challenges to our communication can occur at any stage in our development. This could be due to congenital disord…

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    • What does a Speech Pathologist do?

      A Speech Pathologist works with adults and children to improve their communication skills. Speech Pathologists help identify and treat people who are at risk of swallowing, speech, language and communication difficulties…

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    • How do I choose a Speech Pathologist?

      Choosing a Speech Pathologist is a very personal decision. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to get started: Does the Speech Pathologist understand me and where I am on my communication or learning journe…

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    • What is the difference between speech and language?

      Speech refers to the sounds that come out of our mouth. How the sounds take shape and form words is a complex process that involves the coordination of breath, voice, lips, tongue, cheeks, jaw and soft palate. Speech Pat…

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  • Blog

    • July’s Theme: Winter Warmers

      Winter has arrived and here are some great ideas to keep the language flowing in your home

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    • Reading Books with Little People

      I adore children’s books. I love the simple, hilarious stories, the anthropomorphised animals, and the amazing illustrations. Reading books with young children is an absolute joy for me and as a Speech Pathologist it’s now a significan…

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    • Using Books to Build Conversation

      As we’ve already discussed in our previous blog, my goal when reading with children is always to interact with them and have a conversation, not to finish the book or to ‘tell’ them a story. On that note, here are some ways you can…

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    • Caring For Your Voice When You’re Under The Weather

      Welcome to winter! Are you ready to embrace the frosty mornings and nippy nights? If you’re like me, winter this year has caught me off guard. Surely it was only a few weeks ago that I was tidying up the pool toys! I’ve already had …

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    • Muscle Tension Dysphonia

      Here at Newcastle Speech Pathology we work with people of all ages who experience many different communication difficulties. One particular area we enjoy working in is helping those with voice disorders. Unfortunately voice disorders are …

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    • Eight Reasons To Take Care Of Your Voice

      How often do you think about your voice? Like most of us, you probably consider your voice as a tool that gets the job done. Unless you're a singer you don’t give it a second thought until, that is, it stops working for you. When our v…

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  • The Team

    • Grace

      Office Manager
    • Bec

      Speech Pathologist
    • Alison

      Principal Speech Pathologist
    • Ash

      Business Manager
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