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  • An Overlooked Toy for Language Development…

    One of the most underrated toys that we have to play with our children is one that is adaptable, portable, free and most importantly a great deal of fun! It’s you as a parent. When you and your child play together not using other toys, you replace the toy. This is a great thing to […]

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  • Speech Sound Development

    If you’ve ever watched a child learn to speak, you’ll know that they don’t suddenly open their mouths and say “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”.When children are first learning there are lots of words that are too tricky for them to say. So cat, might sound like ‘tat’ for a few months, and sticker might sound more like ‘dider’. […]

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  • February Theme: Planning and Preparing for Preschool

    Week 1: What’s for lunch? Starting preschool can be a stressful time for our youngsters. There is a new routine to adapt to, new faces, smells, sights and sounds; it’s no wonder they can become a bit overwhelmed at times! Letting your new preschooler pick out their own lunch can not only encourage independence, but […]

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  • Getting It Right – Reflections From A Mother Who has Been Right Where You Are

    Alison McDonald, Certified Practising Speech Pathologist Being a parent is a tough gig. No one can disagree. Along the journey, we are often plagued by doubts in our parenting abilities, and swallowed by the uncertainties of what results our efforts will reap. In my early years as a mum, I was swept up thinking about […]

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  • Do iPads Cause Speech and Language Delays in Toddlers?

    Do iPads Cause Speech and Language Delays in Toddlers? Recently I came across an interesting article in the Daily Telegraph titled “Not-so-smart parenting”. The article addressed the possible effects on learning of children who spend too much time with technology. The article by Bruce McDougall quoted statistics indicating that 18% of inner Sydney kindergarten children […]

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