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  • L.O.V.E. Are we communicating it clearly?

    I love a good Romcom. There’s always a bit of tension and angst between the lead characters, usually fuelled by miscommunication. They both have the feeling of love, but neither seem to be able to really communicate it. After many ups and downs and a few predictable plot twists, they fall into each other’s arms, […]

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  • May Theme: Getting Right What We Say!

    Week 1: “You” Messages This month we’re taking some time to think about some of the things that ‘Big People’ say. The reality is, that what we say to our children has a long and lasting impact, well into their future. Every honest parent can confess to a moment of hearing something come out of […]

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  • An Overlooked Toy for Language Development…

    One of the most underrated toys that we have to play with our children is one that is adaptable, portable, free and most importantly a great deal of fun! It’s you as a parent. When you and your child play together not using other toys, you replace the toy. This is a great thing to […]

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  • December Theme: Building language over the Christmas holidays

      Week 1: Scavenger Hunts The holidays can be a challenging time. Keeping the children entertained can be exhausting and it can be tempting to let the iPad or the TV do the babysitting. But there are still plenty of fun and easy activities your little ones can do these holidays which will encourage their […]

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