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  • Getting It Right – Reflections From A Mother Who has Been Right Where You Are

    Alison McDonald, Certified Practising Speech Pathologist Being a parent is a tough gig. No one can disagree. Along the journey, we are often plagued by doubts in our parenting abilities, and swallowed by the uncertainties of what results our efforts will reap. In my early years as a mum, I was swept up thinking about […]

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  • Irregular Spelling Rules

    Why English has such Irregular Spelling Rules Adapted from Louisa Moats, How Spelling Supports Reading, American Educator, 2006. The history of English language is such a fascinating tale. A bit of knowledge about our journey towards modern English will help explain why our spelling patterns can seem a bit absurd. One of the main reasons […]

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  • Irregular Spelling Patterns

    Why the English spelling system is not as irregular as you think Adapted from Louisa Moats, How Spelling Supports Reading, American Educator, 2006. The spelling of English words is often said to be unpredictable and words just need to be learned. However, there are more regular spellings and patterns than you might think. Apparently half […]

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  • What’s all the talk about ‘Oral Language’?

    What is Oral Language? Oral language is what we say. It’s the use of spoken words to successfully engage with others. It enables us to build relationships and it is a crucial foundation for learning. Oral language involves our knowledge of words, sounds and grammar (i.e. semantic, phonological and syntactic knowledge). Why is Oral Language […]

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  • iPad Apps for Speech Therapy

    How to Optimise iPad use iPads are great. Does every child need an iPad to succeed in school today? Absolutely not. But if you’ve got one, why not encourage your child to use it for more than Minecraft and Instagram. There are so many fantastic apps out there, with new ones appearing on the market […]

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