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  • December Theme: Building language over the Christmas holidays

      Week 1: Scavenger Hunts The holidays can be a challenging time. Keeping the children entertained can be exhausting and it can be tempting to let the iPad or the TV do the babysitting. But there are still plenty of fun and easy activities your little ones can do these holidays which will encourage their […]

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  • November Theme: Getting Ready for School

    Week 1: Constructive Play Play skills are vital for success at school. Children learn so much about others and how to interact with the world around them through play. Play is an important skill for developing thinking and communication. Take time for constructive play. Constructive play helps your child develop skills and knowledge about stacking, […]

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  • October Theme: Using a Variety of Words

    It’s easy to get into a trap of only giving our children names for things and we can easily forget about other types of words like action words or describing words. Check out the other communication corner tips this month for ways to build these words into your child’s vocabulary.

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  • September’s Theme: Theory of Mind

    In a nutshell, this means being able to tune-in to other people, and understand that their thoughts, ideas and beliefs can be different to ours. This is a very important realisation for all our Little People. This knowledge affects our ability to have a conversation, understand why people do and say the things they do, tell a story, take turns and even make friends.

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  • August’s Theme: Music and Language

    Music and Language Week One: Nursery Rhymes Parents have sung nursery rhymes with their children for generations. These sweet little songs provide us with such joyful interactions with our children. Music and songs can play an important role in your child’s life, whether they grow up to be a concert pianist or not! Our communication […]

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  • July’s Theme: Winter Warmers

    Winter has arrived and here are some great ideas to keep the language flowing in your home

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  • June’s Theme: Encouraging our Children to Take Turns in Conversation

    Week One: Taking Turns in Conversations As we have discussed in previous Communication Corner publications, children learn language through conversation and interaction. Conversations should flow back and forth from one person to the other, without one person dominating the conversation. So, when our children have something to say, we want to respond in ways that […]

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  • May’s Theme: Quality Trumps Quantity

    Week 1. Quality Interactions It makes sense that children need to hear a lot of language before they master using it themselves. However, simply hearing lots of words does not mean that our children will automatically become great talkers and language learners. Research now clearly shows that it is the quality of the interaction or […]

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  • April’s Theme: Using Routines to Build Language

    Week 1: Repeat, Repeat, Repeat! Kid’s love doing the same thing over and over and over again. While it can frustrate or bore us as parents, it really does help kids learn! Children learn language through interaction and repetition. Our days with young children are often filled with repetition and familiar routines. Perhaps you have […]

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  • March’s Theme: Take Time for Conversations

    Week 1: Conversations are crucial fordeveloping your child’s language skills. It may seem as though your child istalking to you all day long. But what does a healthy conversation look like? Conversations take two. They are a beautiful dance that includes looking into each other’s eyes, taking turns to share a look, a glance, a […]

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